A 10-month-old kitten named Luna has received life-saving surgery at a Vets for Pets practice in Barnsley after swallowing the end of a plastic coat toggle, with the vets warning other owners to be alert to the dangers of pets ingesting small objects. 

After noticing she was vomiting and lethargic, Luna’s owner brought her in to be examined by the expert team at Vets for Pets Barnsley Hospital.  

She was given blood tests and x-rays which showed a foreign body in her stomach and led the team to immediately carry out an emergency operation.  

The hour-long procedure saw veterinary surgeons at the practice remove the object, which was later identified as a plastic coat toggle. Throughout the procedure, she was monitored using a multi-parameter machine, which measured her oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and cardiac rhythm.  

Following the surgery, Luna recovered quickly and after an overnight stay at the practice she was ready to go home. 

Dr David Wright, Veterinary Surgeon at Vets for Pets Barnsley Hospital, said: “It’s really lucky that Luna’s owners noticed she was unwell and brought her into the practice when they did. The team did a brilliant job at getting to the bottom of what was causing her discomfort and performing a successful surgery quickly and efficiently. 

“I’d encourage all cat owners to watch out for vomiting, unwillingness to eat, lethargy, and general changes in behaviour, as signs that your pet may have eaten something they shouldn’t. If you notice anything unusual, or have any concerns about a change in behaviour, you should bring your pet to the vets to be checked out immediately.” 

For more information about the practice visit Vets for Pets Barnsley Hospital at: https://www.vets4pets.com/practices/vets-in-barnsley/vets4pets-barnsley/